2017 ASE Ellie Awards

The 2017 ASE Awards - aka The Ellies - were held at the Hoyts LUX Broadway in Sydney on 2 December and attended by members, committee members and sponsors from around the country. It was wonderful to see so many people there, especially those who travelled from interstate to attend.

Editors, Sponsors and guests settled in with popcorn and drinks to watch the awards presentation hosted by actor and comedian Philip Lloyd. The nominations on display were of the usual high standard, and the judges must have had a hard time selecting the winners.  Congratulations to all the winners and nominees. And a special congratulations to Mark Perry ASE for receiving accreditation as acknowledgment of his long, stellar editing career.

Avid Award for Best Editing in a Drama Feature
Alexandre De Franceschi ASE - 'Lion' - presented by Randall Titus.

Blue Post Award for Best Editing in a Drama Non–Feature
Nicole La Macchia - 'Pulse' – Ep 2 - presented by Peter Carrodus ASE.



Australian Film Television and Radio School Award for Best Editing in a Drama Short Film
Kent Hau - 'Baby Boy' - presented by Roland Gallois ASE.


Adobe Award for Best Editing in a Comedy
Nathan Wild ASE - 'Rosehaven' - Series 1, Ep 5 - presented by Jon Barrie.

Audio Network Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Feature
Harriet Clutterbuck ASE & Brendan Shoebridge - 'The Bentley Effect' -
presented by Tamsin Holleran.

Spectrum Films Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Non-Feature
Tania M Nehme - 'A Sense of Self ' - presented by Adam Scott.
(Accepted by Fiona Strain ASE.)

Videocraft Award for Best Editing in Factual Entertainment
Orly Danon - 'Surgery Ship' - Ep 1 - presented by Rob Floro.

Endemol Shine Australia Award for Best Editing in Reality
Tess Jenner - 'The Bachelor' - Season 5, Ep 1 - presented by Scott Rowan.

ASE Award for Best Editing in Current Affairs
Roger Carter - 'Australian Story' - 'I Am Sam'  - presented by Jenny Hicks.

ASE Award for Best Editing in a Commercial
Phil Horn - ALDI - 'Mini Roos' - presented by Fiona Strain ASE.

Hyperactive Award for Best Editing in a Music Video
Brad Hurt - Broadhurst - 'Bones' - presented by Andy Liell.

Digistor Award for Best Editing in Open Content
Elliott Magen - 'The Glass Bedroom - Rowan Oliver' - presented by Mark Richards.

2017 Accreditee
Mark Perry ASE - presented by Fiona Strain ASE.

Tania M Nehme - 'A Sense of Self'

Tania M Nehme, the winner of the Spectrum Films Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Non-Feature for 'A Sense of Self', was unfortunately unable to attend the Ellies. Tania sent the following statement instead.

Liz is one of Australia's most acclaimed journalists, always willing to go the difficult path in search of the truth when creating her stories...and then in 'A Sense of Self' she turns the lens on herself.  Thank you, Liz Jackson, for your candour and courage and humour in revealing what it’s like to live with this debilitating disease. You made us all want to step up and honour you and your story.

Liz Jackson and Martin Butler’s long-term friendship with Bentley Dean and the easy trust between them all is the key to the success of this intimate documentary.  I feel honoured they trusted me to edit this beautiful love story.

I also feel lucky to share in the transformative editing and creative processes I share with Bentley and Martin on all their films and really appreciate their understated approach to filmmaking. Their constant consideration and acknowledgement of my role in the making of their films is always enough.

This year started with us celebrating 'Tanna's nomination at the 2017 Academy Awards, and at the end of the year the team celebrated the success of 'A Sense of Self' at the Walkleys and the Ellies. Very proud.

Thanks to the judges and the Editors Guild for acknowledging this intimate documentary. And thank you Fiona, Margaret, Alison and the guild for all your wonderful work supporting Editors through the year. You all go above and beyond.

(Tania M Nehme, Martin Butler, Liz Jackson and Bentley Dean at the 2017 Walkley Awards.)