The 2013 ASE Award Nominees and Winners were:


Avid Award for Best Editing in a Feature Film

Nick Meyers ASE, The Rocket

Matt Villa ASE, Jason Ballantine ASE & Jonathan Redmond, The Great Gatsby

Mark Warner, Goddess


Blue Post Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Feature

Mark Atkin ASE, Jabbed – Love, Fear & Vaccines

Lindi Harrison ASE, I Am A Girl

Karen Johnson, The Sunnyboy

Scott Walton, Show Me The Magic


Adobe Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Program

David Banbury, Buckskin

Adrian Barac, Dream Racer

Karryn de Cinque, The Grammar of Happiness

Tim Woodhouse, The Ride


TwoDogs.TV Award for Best Editing in a Documentary Series

Roger Carter, Australian Story – Know Thy Enemy Part 2

Antoinette Ford, Whitlam – The Power and the Passion Ep 2

Annabelle Johnson, Anatomy Series 4 – ‘Stomach’

Lawrence Silvestrin ASE, Desert War Ep 1, ‘Tobruk’


DDP Studios Award for Best Editing in Television Drama

Katrina Barker, Devil’s Dust Part 2

Dany Cooper ASE, Redfern Now ‘Family’

Nicholas Holmes ASE, Redfern Now ‘Pretty Boy Blue’

Philip Watts, Wentworth Ep 1


Videocraft Award for Best Editing in Television Factual

Bob Burns, Kings Cross ER, Series 2, Ep 1

Harriet Clutterbuck ASE, Shitsville Express Ep 4 ‘Transport’

Andrew Cooke, Derren Brown: Apocalypse Part 1

Charlotte Cutting, ABBA ‘Bang a Boomerang’


Digistor Award for Best Editing in a Commercial

Joe Morris, Glaceau ‘Antidote To Feeling Average’

Paul Swain, ALDI Mamia Nappies ‘Baby Faces’

David Whittaker, John West ‘Running With The Bears’

Adam Wills, SA Tourism Commission ‘Barossa’


Autodesk Award for Best Editing in a Music Video

Morgan Christie, ‘Miracle Cure’ Something for Kate

Peter Crombie, ‘This Song Saved My Life’ A Simple Plan

John Gavin, ‘Come Into My Head’ Kimbra

Bernadette Murray, ‘Delegate’ David Bridie


AFTRS Award for Best Editing in a Short Film

Scott Walmsley, Time

Kelly Cameron & Mary Elizabeth Hutson, All God’s Creatures

Alexandre Guterres, No Quarter

Shannon Longville, Cargo


Fan Dependent Award for Best Editing, Open Content

Sasha Dylan Bell, The Humble Beginnings of the Balloon

Ann Foo, Fragments of Friday Ep 5

Brad Hurt, Road Trip Forever

Scott Walmsley, Bob Thinks Big


2013 Accreditations

Christopher Branagan ASE

Deborah Peart ASE


2013 Lifetime Membership Award

Mike Honey


The 2013 'Ellie' Awards were held at The Paddington RSL Ballroom on December 7th


Best Editing, Open Content. Accepting for Ann Foo, fellow nominee Scott Walmsley with Fan Dependent CEO Thomas Mai


Best Editing in a Short Film. Winner Alexandre Guterres with AFTRS Head of Screen Studies Dr Karen Pearlman

Best Editing in a Commercial. Winner David Whittaker with Digistor Managing Director, Andrew Mooney

Best Editing in Television Factual. Winner Bob Burns with Videocraft Sales Director James Taylor.

Best Editing in a Television Drama. Winner Katrina Barker with DDP Studios Head of Post Production Marcus Bolton.

Best Editing in a Documentary Series. Winner Lawrence Silvestrin ASE with Two Dogs TV Managing Director, David Cole.

Best Editing in a Documentary Program. Accepting for David Banbury, ASE SA Chair Sean Lahiff with Adobe Solutions Manager Renee Lance

Best Editing in a Documentary Feature. Winner Scott Walton with Blue Post General Manager Rachel Knowles

Best Editing in a Feature Film. Winner Nick Meyers ASE with Avid Marketing Manager Karen Eastmure.

2013 Accreditation Recipient Christopher Branagan ASE with President Dany Cooper ASE

2013 Accreditation Recipient Deborah Peart ASE with President Dany Cooper ASE

2013 Lifetime Membership recipient Mike Honey with special guest Margaret Pomeranz and President Dany Cooper ASE




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