On the 8 December, we held our last event for the year - the annual joint Screen Guild Christmas Party!

We had tried to run the event earlier in the year (Christmas in July) but had to postpone it twice due to lockdowns. We all let out a huge collective sigh of relief when we finally got to run the event on our third attempt.

Our editing community as well as the greater screen community obviously felt well overdue for a social gathering as we sold 122 tickets prior to the event and more on the door on the evening.  2021 has been a huge and challenging year for a lot of us, so the event gave us an opportunity to let our hair down and have some fun.

Big thanks to Tfer Newsome and the ASSG, ADG, ACS, AWG and the Sound Garden for making the night a huge success.  Also big thanks to Stewart Tyrell for photographing the evening for us.

Lastly, we hope everyone has a festive and safe holiday and we look forward to the new year ahead.

Charlotte Cutting
Chair Qld ASE Committee.