Tania Nehme

Tania has collaborated as a picture and sound editor on several award winning feature and documentary films, including The Quiet Room, Alexandra’s Project, The Old Man Who Read Love Stories, The Tracker, Ten Canoes, One Hand Clapping, Contact, First Footprints,The King Is Dead!and recently Charlie's Country. She has over 20 years experience cutting independent films working in a wide variety of genres including TV series, dramas, documentaries, award winning shorts, promotional trailers and digital stories.

Tania’s awards include an Australian Film Institute (AFI) award for Ten Canoes starring the Ramingining Community in Arnhem Land, an Inside Film (IF) award for The Old Man Who Read Love Stories starring Richard Dreyfuss, Hugo Weaving and Timothy Spall, and two Critics Circle awards for Ten Canoes and The Balanda & The bark Canoes which she co directed with Molly Reynolds and Rolf de Heer.

CONTACT is an exceptional film about 17 year old Martu woman Yuwali recalling her first contact experience in 1964. Directed by Bentley Dean and Martin Butler this story won best documentary at the 2010 AFI awards and was also awarded the prestigious Prime Minister’s History prize in 2010.
First Footprints is a return to working with the dynamic duo.

Tania is currently cutting the feature film Charlie’s Country for writer, director Rolf de Heer.
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