ASE Awards 2016 Guidelines 


Editors entering the ASE Awards must be Full Financial Members of the Australian Screen Editors Guild. Student and Associate Members may not enter. You can join the ASE at

All entries must have had their first theatrical, television, DVD, VOD, or online release between 1st September 2015 and 31st August 2016.


Drama – Feature 

A stand alone dramatised production of at least 70 minutes in duration. This category includes animated features. Must have theatrical release.

Drama – Non Feature

A dramatised production, minimum 20 minutes, which may be a telemovie, or a single episode from a series, or mini series.

Drama – Short Film

A stand alone dramatised production of under 40 minutes in duration. This category includes animated programs.


A scripted situation or sketch comedy, which may be a single episode from a series or mini series.

Documentary - Feature 

A non-fiction production providing in depth analysis or observation of a specific subject, theme or point of view, supported by evidence and or informed commentary.

A production of at least 60 minutes in duration.

Documentary - Non Feature

A non-fiction production providing in depth analysis or observation of a specific subject, theme or point of view, supported by evidence and or informed commentary.

A production, minimum 20 mins, which may be a single episode from a series.

Factual Entertainment

A production that documents actual events, people or places. Factual entertainment typically has a constructed format and the focus is on entertainment rather than in-depth analysis.

Full episodes only, segments cannot be entered.

This category includes “Obs Docs”, lifestyle and magazine programs, (food, travel, home renovation) and other light entertainment programs.

Examples include -  Border Security, Bondi Rescue, Who Do You Think You Are?, Food Safari, Kings Cross ER.


A substantially non-scripted, formatted production that documents participants interacting in a particular environment as devised by the producer.  There is generally an element of competition to the program.

Full episodes only, segments cannot be entered.

Examples include - Master Chef, The Voice, Bachelor, Survivor, First Dates.

Current Affairs

A program or segment broadcast as part of a regular current affairs series, which employs a journalistic approach to social, political or economic issues.  These programs aim to provide revelation, fresh insight, analysis and debate.

Entries must be at least 5 minutes in duration.

Examples include -  7:30 Report, A Current Affair, Sunday Night, Four Corners, Dateline, 60 Minutes, Australian Story.


Advertising or promotional production including branded content with company name or logo, must be under 3 minutes.

Music Video

Music Clip consisting of a single track or song.

Open Content

For content that is not covered in the other categories. We are looking for high quality editing no matter what the genre. This may be online content, animation, corporate or community screen productions, trailers, title sequences or perhaps a genre we haven’t seen yet.

Production must be under 10 minutes.


No production can be entered in more than one category.

Co-Editors may submit. In the case that a winning entry has more than one Editor, only one trophy will be awarded to that entry. Additional trophies may be purchased through the ASE.

You may only submit one entry per category, unless you are part of a Co-Entry in which case you may enter that category a maximum of twice.

Entries will only be accepted from the principal Editor or Editors, that is, the person or persons whom the Producer has accorded the official, primary credit of ‘Editor‘.

In the event that an entry contains no on-screen credits, written verification from the Producer / Production Company  / Client  MUST be attached to the application.

The judging panels’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. The ASE reserves the right to cancel a category and refund entrants if there are not enough entries in any category.

Entries are to be submitted ONLINE at:

For the 2016 Ellie Awards, we’ve made some upgrades.

Rather than have you burn, duplicate, send and post DVDs, we’ve moved on to web-based submissions. You’ll find it faster, easier and higher quality, with HD and even 4K available.

For ease and widest compatability across devices, the ASE highly recommends YouTube as the best site to upload and stream your video.

If you prefer, Vimeo is also acceptable - but please don’t use any other services  (Dropbox, HighTail, OneDrive, Digital Pidgeon, GoogleDrive, WeTransfer, MailBigFile etc)

We need to make sure the judges can readily stream your video easily and at the highest quality.


YouTube and Vimeo have essentially the same encoding recommendations.

Maybe your video is already good to upload to either.

If not, follow these encoding steps:





If you want to keep your video completely private, you can upload to YouTube as Unlisted (ie: NOT public)

If you need help with this, click here:


Vimeo offers various privacy settings.

To find out what’s best for you, see here:

It is the responsibility of the entrant to provide a web link to their production, and ensure that it works.  The link must remain online until judging is finished 30th November 2016.  (See specs links with application form)

Submission Deadlines:

ENTRIES - Must be received by midnight 2nd September 2016

Completed submissions must contain:

  •  All submission fields filled out
  • Letter from Producer / Production Company if no onscreen credit.
  • Youtube or Vimeo  link to the production.  With password if applicable.
  • Paid Entry fee of  $66 (includes GST)
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